What Makes February Special?


Say hello to February!

The month of February is the shortest month of the year, while most people only know February as being the month of Valentine’s Day, February holds other special events!

You may not have known that February is the month of Leap Year, which occurs only every 4 years.

Babies that are born on leap year are called ‘Leap Babies.’

Leap year adds on a new day for February.

Leap year typically begins on January 1st.

Moreover, there are many national days in February.

National days are little holidays, for example, National Pizza Day was on February 9th. National days were started by Marlo Anderson, Anderson came up with the calendar of days, these days began as only food days, however, the days began to expand to other things.

As an example, World Cancer Day was on February 4th. Here are some honorable mentions of national days: Woman and Girl’s Day, National Walking your Dog Day, National Pizza Day.

If you are interested, here is a list of February’s national days by the ListOfNationalDays.Com


Also, another day many people celebrate is Groundhog’s Day! When the little groundhog pops up from his slumber to announce an early spring or six more weeks of winter.

This day occurred on February 2nd, however Michigan’s groundhog, Woody, has in fact predicted that an early Spring is upon us, although it is Michigan, so we can only hope that Woody is accurate. (Woody’s accuracy rate is about 67%)

Another thing people look forward to in February is President’s Day, where we take a look at our past presidents and reflect on all the good they have done as well as contributions they have made for us as citizens.

President’s Day is a day we typically get off as a day of remembrance for us as a reminder of how far our country has come from generations of hardships.

Last but most certainly not least, Black History Month.

We honor this month to celebrate the contributions that African Americans have made for us all. What started as a week for African Americans turned into a month for us all to celebrate African Americans and their contributions to America.

February is often overlooked as just Valentine’s month, however it does have a ton of history.