Super 57′


On Sunday, February 12, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles faced head-to-head for a chance to win Super Bowl XLVII (57).

This year’s Super Bowl was played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

To start the game off, country singer Chris Stapleton had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem in front of over sixty-three thousand people along with millions more watching from home.

To add on to this, for the first time in Super Bowl history there were all female pilots flying over the stadium.

Keeping up with the female performances, the woman putting on the show at halftime was Rihanna.

Junior, Maycee Benner talks about how she felt about the halftime show.

“It was a decent half time performance. It was nerve racking to watch it though with the dancers up high and the platforms sometimes moving mid dance,” vocalized Benner.

The Super Bowl game itself had some different thoughts on the outcome.

The Kansas City Chiefs were the underdogs going into this game and they ended up running the clock down to just seconds after kicking a field goal to put them in the lead by three points.

The Philadelphia Eagles had less than ten seconds to try and get a hail mary to secure the win.

In the end the Eagles didn’t succeed in the last drive in the game to secure the win.

The Chiefs are the Super Bowl Champions for the second time in four years.

For the first time in Super Bowl history, two brothers played against each other.

Jason Kelce, who plays for the Eagles and Travis Kelce who plays for the Chiefs.

The love from the two brothers showed at the end of the game.

Senior Nathan Osentoski made a statement about Travis Kelce, one of the brothers in Super Bowl 57.

“You have to fight, for your right, to party! That is the quote Travis Kelce said when they had won the trophy,” states Osentoski.

Junior Julienne Brandt talks about how he felt with the underdogs taking home the win on a Sunday night.

“Personally I think that Patrick Mahomes paid the refs because there is no way the Chiefs should have won,” explains Brandt.

There is some controversy on why and how the Chiefs have won the game which is understandable but there is nothing that anyone can do at this point in time.

There should be VAR (Virtual Assistant Referee) at these Super Bowls like there was at the FIFA World Cup.

VAR has been included in every game since to make sure the referees don’t miss anything and to double check everything to make sure there were no fouls or off-sides on the play.

This could be included in football rules to help the game be as fair as possible and make sure there is no controversy.

This year’s Super Bowl had some different thoughts on everything during the game.

In the end both teams gave their best efforts and nobody can change the results.