Kreinbrink remains positive despite hurdles


IMAGE / Courtesy of Mrs. Julie Wagner

Senior Madison Kreinbrink has a deep passion to help others no matter how hard her own life gets.

Senior Madison Kreinbrink is a stunning blue-eyed girl with short blonde hair.

Aside from her appearance, Kreinbrink’s big heart and caring personality tend to stun many as well.

No matter who you are, if you are in need of a friend or someone to talk to, Kreinbrink is one to always be there with a listening ear.

Senior Levi Potter said she’s a great friend.

“She’s so kind-hearted and intelligent,” Potter said. “She is such a dedicated and confident person that stays positive through everything.”

Not only does Kreinbrink enjoy keeping herself busy by spreading positivity to others, she also partakes in school activities and has many hobbies.

Kreinbrink is a cheerleader and participates in track and field. She is interested also in photography, making her own art, hanging out with her friends, and watching YouTube videos.

IMAGE / Makenzie Boillat
Senior Madison Kreinbrink  likes to stay active. Kreinbrink gears up to experience Planet 3 Extreme Air Park.

Kreinbrink’s art has been displayed in the front office showcase and she believes the art she creates now will pay off later in her life, as she plans on being a concept artist in the near future.

Aside from its beauty, Kreinbrink’s art has deep meanings that touch her heart.

“My art expresses how I feel, and it shows that there’s more to me as a person than what I obtain externally,” Kreinbrink said.

Kreinbrink is always willing to try something new when the opportunity is given to her.

Throughout the chaos of school and activities, Kreinbrink still cares for others.

Freshman Kelsey Coughin looks up to Kreinbrink.

“She’s similar to a therapist and always listens to my problems, no matter how foolish they may be,” Coughin said. “She is always there for people.”

But life hasn’t always been this adventurous and entertaining for Kreinbrink.

During her senior year, her life twisted around and started going down hill.

IMAGE / Makenzie Boillat
Senior Madison Kreinbrink relaxes at the park.

Kreinbrink was put into the foster care system when she was 17 years old, along with her sisters.

She now lives in a better home and things are settling back down.

Kreinbrink’s guardian, Mrs. Julie Wagner, said that Kreinbrink is strong, brave, and outgoing.

“Madison is a strong, fearless, and beautiful young lady,” Wagner said. “She knows that anything is possible if she puts her mind to it, and that includes surrounding herself with individuals who stand by her, not in front of her or behind her.”

As hard as life gets, Kreinbrink remains positive toward every situation she faces. She tries to see the good in every situation rather than focusing on the bad.

Kreinbrink’s sister, junior Nisha Hartley, said that Kreinbrink is a great sister and is always supportive.

“I’d probably be lost without her,” Hartley said. “Whenever I’m down, she always cheers me up. I know I can always go to her if I ever need anything.”