Clarambeau continues festive traditions at KHS

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IMAGE / Courtesy of Chloe Clarambeau

Christmas traditions in the halls of KHS carry on thanks to the Clarambeau sisters.

Alumna Camille Clarambeau created Christmas spirit days for the students and staff to enjoy in the days leading up to Christmas.

Camille’s younger sister, senior Chloe Clarambeau, continues this festive tradition that will take place Monday, Dec. 17, through Friday, Dec. 21.

“I think they’re just a super fun way to get in the holiday spirit before break,” Chloe said. “Also, it gives us all an excuse to wear our pajamas to school. I know, personally, they will make the week go by faster, and it gives us all something to look forward to instead of dragging through the last week before break.”

The days will be as follows.

Monday – Holiday Hat & Socks

Knee socks, ankle socks, socks with a fun festive print: All of these socks are expected to be seen on students in anticipation for Christmas.

Don’t forget to pull out a Santa hat to join in on the holiday fun.

Tuesday – Dress Like a Christmas Tree 

Whether it’s fixing your hair into a cone shape with a star on top or wearing a green shirt covered in festive lights, this is the perfect day to become one with winter nature.

Wednesday – Holiday Pajamas

Prepare to be comfy this day by pulling out your favorite pair of Christmas pajamas. From fuzzy pants to a warm onesie, students will be incorporating sleepwear into their daily wardrobe.

Thursday – Red & Green

From shirts, to pants, to socks, to accessories, anything that is red or green will be appropriate to wear on this spirit day.

Friday – Ugly Christmas Sweater

With crooked stitches, itchy material, and wacky holiday patterns, ugly Christmas sweaters are a memorable way to share Christmas cheer—and a good laugh.

Senior Audriana Counelis is looking forward to showing off her ugly Christmas sweater this year.

“My mom and I make an ugly Christmas sweater every year,” Counelis said, “so I’m really excited to show this year’s design.”