The Eclipse staff finds who inspires them


IMAGE / Brooklynn Burdette

London Struck-Curtis, Isabelle Devine, Joey Morris, and Austin Potter working on their personality profiles.

As the semester comes to an end, it is time for The Eclipse staff to start their personality profiles. The personality profile is The Eclipse staff’s exam. This is where each Eclipse staff member finds someone currently in one of the Kearsley schools, or alumni to interview and write about. The person who they choose is someone who inspires them or perks their interests. This is usually a close friend, family member, or someone that is a big role model to them or others.

Junior, Maraya Dell told reporters who she chose for her personality profile. “I chose Conner Schwerin because he has been in my life for a couple years and he’s just one that has always been there for me,” exclaimed Dell.

Junior, Austin Potter was asked the same question and Potter stated, “I chose [Samantha] Springsteen because they have been a friend of mine since 5th grade and they are becoming the new head of the drama department.”

Sophomore, Allison Bailey told reporters why she picked Brianna Sierra. “I picked Brianna Sierra and I chose her because I’m friends with her and she’s an amazing person. She also does very well in school,” Bailey exclaimed.

Sophomore, Maison Mannor stated who he picked and why he picked her. “I chose Alejandra Kash because she is very involved with the Kearsley community and she’s a really good person.”

Freshman, Joey Morris discussed with reporters why he picked DJ Buterakos. “I chose him because he has a funny last name,” chuckled Morris.

Freshman, Isabelle Devine, told reporters who she chose to write about. “Caleb O’Neal because he is my boyfriend,” Devine simply told reporters.

Freshman, Janiya Powell, was also asked who she picked to write about and why. “I picked Cole Fernandez because he’s a nice guy and he is very good at sports so I thought he would be good for a personality profile.”

Freshman London Struck-Curtis stated, “I chose Emma McCormick because she never fails at making people laugh even when she doesn’t even know the person.”

In the end, each Eclipse staff member chose people who are an inspiration to the Kearsley community.