Grandparents Day for Dowdall Students


On May 19th, Dowdall Elementary students came to Kearsley High School to sing in the auditorium for their grandparents and family members.

The kids came into the auditorium nervous as expected, but brimming with excitement, they got into their positions on the bleachers and got ready to start.

There were specific kids that had small note cards that spoke to the crowd to tell them what song was going to play next.

The first song they sang was “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars and the kids did a great job memorizing the lyrics.

They sang a couple other songs, and some of the grandparents joined in the singing.

More children came up and talked about how they were now going to sing “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and they even signed the song in sign language while singing this.  The kids didn’t even need to watch the teachers for help because they had practiced hard and took pride in their achievement.

All the families were very proud of the children and seemed very enthralled with their performance and proud of them for standing up on stage and facing their stage fright.

The concert ended with a large applause from the families that were there and lots of whistles and hooting of congratulations.