Schwerin’s Short Story of a Long Life


One of our very own graduating seniors, Conner Schwerin, has had an experience with his life so far. With plenty of ups and downs, he still found a way to continue through it all.

Just over half way through his freshman year, the COVID-19 pandemic hit which knocked everyone out of school.

Everyone’s life at this time wasn’t all that great. He had some changes in his life that made him who he was today.

Starting off when Schwerin was younger, something unfortunate happened. His parents got a divorce when he was only in the third grade.

Having to go through this is never easy despite what age you are. Not being able to wrap your head around why something like this could be happening.

Schwerin makes note on how he got through the divorce at a young age and what came out of it.

“Before they actually got a divorce I stopped playing sports, but when everything happened I started playing again and basketball ended up becoming the root for the love of sports,” notes Schwerin.

Through these points in his life he found a way to get past them. He had to keep his hopes up high which is something that Schwerin is good at and has carried on throughout his lifetime.

Schwerin and myself (Maraya Dell), posing for a picture after graduation.

Whenever you need someone to be there for you while you are struggling, Schwerin is the one to go to. He will do anything he can do just to make you feel better.

Everyone has highs and lows in life. That is just how everything works. It’s what you call life.

Schwerin decided to start a journey which in the end caused a lot of change to happen in his life and become a better person in the end.

This journey was something that he decided to do on his own. This journey was his weight loss journey which eventually led to working out on a daily basis.

Schwerin talks in depth about how he has become a better individual after starting this journey of his.

“It allowed me to focus on the more important things and find an anchor in life that keeps me balanced with what I need to do. Allows for me to live a healthier lifestyle and makes me feel better not just physically, but even mentally. This has caused me to be more comfortable with myself. As a competitive person who doesn’t have sports anymore, it allows me to compete with myself everyday,” Schwerin spoke.

He is truly a hard working and determined person who is caring, and passionate, about everything. Schwerin takes pride in everything he does in his life.

One of these things is Schwerin’s last sophmore Junior Varsity Football game against Goodrich, he ended up catching a touchdown. Just a reminder that he was a left tackle on the field.

He typically isn’t one to be in the end zone looking for that pass from the quarterback.

Schwerin just moments after catching the football finishing his play, the Shin Splint Special.

One day when all the boys were watching game film, their coach uncovered a play named the “Shin Splints Special.” It was named this because at this time Schwerin was dealing with some painful shinsplints.

The team ended up practicing the play many times during practice and he never ended up catching the football. But the one time when it matter he ended up catching it and scoring a touchdown.

Schwerin describes how it felt during the “Shin Splints Special” play specifically designed for him.

“The feeling of catching the touchdown is really indescribable, like I felt like a little kid living out a dream that I never thought I would accomplish being an offensive lineman my whole career. Before the play, in the huddle, I was nervous. I was not expecting that lay to be called on the opening drive. During the play, I realized I was open and I saw the ball going through the air towards me and all I was thinking was that if I don’t catch this ball, I am never going to be able to live down this moment. When I caught it and brought it down I got hit and fell due to it and I was just hoping that I held on to it and that feeling of getting the touchdown and having everyone support me in that moment is really surreal to me,” explains Schwerin.

This is a moment that he has not forgotten and will always remember. It’s just too good to actually forget it.

Schwerin at a Detroit Pistons game with his twin brother, Landon Schwerin and his friend Bradyn Weidenhammer posing for a picture with running back D’Andre Swift.

A recent moment that will always be in Schwerin’s memory is meeting the one and only D’Andre Swift at a Detroit Pistons game. At this time he was the running back for the Detroit Lions, but unfortunately now he plays at the Philadelphia Eagles.

Meeting a famous person can be a memory that is forever locked in your mind but this was special to Schwerin because of the conversation they had.

To start it all off, Swift was on the jumbotron for his birthday and it caused Schwerin to freak out a little bit but then his mom, Stacy Lucas and brother, Landon Schwerin, went up to Swift’s suite. Then a conversation happened which Schwerin explains how it goes.

“I told him how he was on my fantasy team and I always defended him no matter the circumstances and will continue to always do so. He responded to that by telling me he was sorry that he didn’t do good for me this year along with that next year he would improve and do better for me,” quotes Schwerin.

Through all these years, Schwerin has always found a way to look on the bright side of things even when it isn’t the easiest. Keeping your head up is an important aspect to life to keep moving forward despite what is going on.