Goodbye to the seniors of the eclipse!


Left to right: Angelina Beeler, Madison Pillen, Kit Ramirez and Patrick Zamora

The seniors from The Eclipse staff have worked hard all year, writing amazing stories while battling senioritis. The Eclipse staff consists of 14 students and 5 of these students are seniors, these seniors only have 3 days of school left until they take on the real world. These seniors are Gabrielle Ray, Madison Pillen, Angelina Beeler, Kit Ramirez, and Patrick Zamora.

Senior, Gabrielle Ray, was asked about her future plans and what she is most excited about.

“I’m planning on going to Grand Valley State to get my bachelors degree and my major is multi media journalism. I’m most excited about getting out of high school and entering the real world,” exclaimed Ray.

Reporters also asked senior, Ray, what her favorite thing about The Eclipse staff was, and this is what she had to say: “How positive everything and everyone is in the class.”

Senior, Ray, has been a huge help for The Eclipse staff. Ray is the special projects manager and one of the editors, she has been a part of The Eclipse staff for 2 years. There is another senior who has a very important job and that is Madison Pillen.

Pillen is the editor and chief for The Eclipse staff, and she has been with The Eclipse for 2 years.

After high school senior, Pillen, plans to take a gap year then continue her education, “I’m going to take a gap year so that I can get a job and build up my financial status so that I have money for college. Then I plan on attending Mott Community College where I want to major in some sort of health care,” stated Pillen.

Senior, Pillen, was also asked about The Eclipse, where she told reporters “My favorite story that I wrote was by far class day of 2022, it was really fun to write. It was cool to get to hear my friend’s perspective on class day.”

Senior, Pillen, continued saying,”It was fun being editor and chief because I got to teach and see the talent here compared to last year,” stated Pillen.

Another senior is Angelina Beeler, she has been a part of The Eclipse staff for 1 year. Beeler told reporters about her future goals and plans. “My future goal is to be happy and find myself. I’m also going to Mott Community College, but my major is undecided,” Beeler exclaimed.

Our final senior for this story is Kit Ramirez, Ramirez has been with The Eclipse staff for 1 year as well. During this time she wrote many wonderful stories. She stated, “My favorite story I made was the live action Pinocchio because I was really passionate about explaining how much I did not like that movie.”

Senior, Ramirez, was also asked about her future plans, and she told reporters, “My future plan is to go to college where I want to be an illustrator.”

Ramirez was also asked what her favorite thing about The eclipse staff was, she exclaimed, “I will miss the small class because everyone talks with each other and gets along,” Ramirez stated.

Overall these seniors are going to be very missed the rest of the school year and this class will be very empty without them.