Evolution of fashion trends at KHS


Fashion at KHS!

Through the years, our student body’s sense of fashion has changed.

New trends and fads arise and students follow, from bell-bottoms to skinny jeans, kids love to show off their own sense of style.

The students at Kearsley High School aren’t any different.

Starting in 1966, some Kearsley students liked to wear a very famous hair trend back in the day, bouffant hair.

Senior Carol Mckinney is pictured wearing the bouffant hairstyle.

Bouffant hair was a very puffy and round hair-do popularized in the mid-to-late century in Western Europe.

The modern version of the bouffant was mostly known to have been invented by celebrity hairdresser Raymond Bessone.

Who was known to have popularized the modern bouffant was First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

She normally wore the hairstyle and was photographed often with it, which made it spread quickly.

Fast forward to 1982, a very trendy way of dressing was “power dressing.”

Most students pictured here are power dressing.

Power dressing was a very popular trend in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The term power dressing isn’t used anymore, but the style still remains popular.

Power dressing was a more conservative style with clothing items like tailored suits and jackets with shoulder pads being worn by those who sported this style.

A popular tradition in girls was to combine aspects of femininity with more masculine clothing, a good example of this is the cult-classic 1989 movie, “Heathers.”

Similar to numerous teenagers across the globe, students at KHS commonly sported this particular style.

Skipping all the way to 2008, a lot of wild and eccentric fashion trends emerged and students enthusiastically embraced them.


Something that a lot of kids find distasteful now, but was “totally tight” in 2008, were a nice pair of skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans are pretty self-explanatory, as all they are is a snug pair of jeans that both men and women found fashionable.

A tight pair of trousers actually started to popularize a bit before the 1660’s, popularized by Frenchmen.

Tight pants did have a slight decline in the 1890’s all the way up until the 1940’s, but resurfaced again in the 1950’s.

Tight pants again stayed in fashion magazines until about present-day.

Declining in popularity as the 2020’s hit, it’s pretty obvious our generation prefers breathable pants.

Speaking of the 2020’s, a very big fashion trend of today is comfortable clothing.

If you look around any high school in America you probably see mostly sweatpants, sweatshirts, baggy clothing, and even pajamas!

Kids today love to live comfortably and it’s obvious as to why.

Baggy or oversized clothing originated in the 1920’s, women’s clothing particularly became more comfortable as their social position became similarly more “comfortable.”

The less professional comfortable clothing today totally battles the past in its more business approach to clothing.

Times change and so does fashion, so, what do you wear?