Hello, April!


Hello April!

Spring is here!

Or it’s supposed to be, besides all the weather phenomena that has been happening, the month of April is a very exciting time.

Not only is it Easter and April Fool’s Day but it is also Earth Day, as well as many other incredible days that many people did not know existed.

April is full of many fun days that can make you want to spring into adventure!

1. Easter 

It is not at all surprising that when April is brought up or thought about, Easter is also brought up.

Easter is on the 9th of April.

Easter is an important Christian holiday, it is when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that Christ died on a cross on a day called Good Friday which is the Friday before Easter Sunday.

According to the Bible, Jesus was then resurrected and came back to life on Easter Sunday.

However, the tradition of adding eggs and the Easter bunny was sparked by German immigrants who believed that a  bunny would lay eggs filled with treats. This tradition is especially common for children who enjoy the treats during this time.

2.  April Fools Day 

April 1st is a day that some people dread and some people enjoy it, it is a day to pull pranks and enjoy jokes.

Although, some jokes can go far.

April fools day is a holiday however nobody knows how it actually began, there is speculation however.

Either way April Fools Day is a day for silliness and to celebrate having fun.

3. Autism Awareness

Autism is a mental disorder, autism is something that people are born with.

Not only in children, adults can have it too!

April is the month to recognize and celebrate autism and come together over differences, although it can be challenging to have, people with autism can learn faster and have a deep understanding of focus and concentration.

4. Earth Day 

April 22nd is the day for us to celebrate the planet we live on, to take care of it.

Every year there is tons of trash thrown into the ocean, many people have organized charities to help save the Earth, the Earth is our home we should want to keep it clean.

Also, animals can be affected by the trash thrown into the ocean as well as on the ground anywhere.

On April 22nd  make sure you try to clean the Earth and do your part by picking up a few pieces of trash.

In order to save our home we must come together and save it together.

Wrap- Up

For April, those are the main days that are anticipated by many, although just like every month there are national days that are fun to celebrate, such as National Pet Day, enjoy and cherish your pets, they are very loyal and only want love from their owners that they cherish.

Student Gracie Dowell, Freshmen establishes that “I love my pets, my dog deserves to feel appreciated they do so much by being there for me, they are so loyal and deserve love.”

As you can see, April is a very important month filled with amazing days to celebrate.