The Hornet Hop


KHS Cheerleaders; [PHOTO Kim Speer]

Kearsley’s Middle School and High School cheer teams held an event on March 21, 2023.

This event was called the hornet hop, it was to raise money for the cheerleaders and to welcome spring to our community. This event was held at Armstrong Middle School from 5:30 to 7.

Admission was 5 dollars per person.

During this event, Kearsley families could walk around the middle school to different stations and get goodies from the cheerleaders. They also had different stations for different activities.

The Easter bunny decided to show up as well to take pictures with children and their families.

Junior, Karsyn Streeter, was asked what her favorite part of the hornet hop.

“Working with all of the little kids,” stated Streeter.

There were ten different stations where families could walk around and collect Easter eggs with candy in them.

There were also activities in the gymnasium that these families could do.

The activities were face paint, where the cheerleaders would paint the children or even adults faces.

There were also crafts like make your own Easter bunny hand print, and make your own Easter head band.

Kids also got to run around a race with each other while wearing a safety suit.

There were also Easter games like balancing an egg on a spoon, and throwing an egg into a basket. The last activity was where the kids got to learn how to do cheer leading jumps, these jumps were taught by the middle school and high school cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders had their own activities to do. Junior, Kelsey Lewellyn exclaimed; “I helped out with a game and I also got to teach jumps to the kids. I taught them toe touches, pikes, and herkies.”

There was also a bake sale where the money from the goodies went to the cheer program as well. They sold cupcakes, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and much more.

Overall the hornet hope was a very fun and successful night for everyone that participated.