Celebrate reading month at KHS


March is reading month!

The month of March is National Reading Month in America.

This month was designated National Reading Month to encourage people to read more books.

Most people don’t read books anymore, as there are other forms of entertainment.

There are also people who do have an interest in books, but listen to them being read as an audio book instead.

I asked students at KHS what are the most enjoyable books they have read during high school.

If you like books with an adventure, then you should check out “Reflection (A Twisted Tale)” by Elizabeth Lim.

This is Junior Domnick Michell’s favorite book that he read during high school.

“I like how the story adds on to the story of Disney’s Mulan instead of completely reworking it,” said Michell.

The book Reflection is the fourth book in the A Twisted Tale series.

In the A Twisted Tale series, classic Disney movies are re-imagined with major plot changes and unexpected twists.

Reflection is about Fa Mulan’s journey in the underworld to save Captain Shang from the underworld, called Diyu, after being fatally injured.

If you like books that are more of a thriller than an adventure, and can take horror elements, then The Cellar by Natasha Preston is the book to read.

Junior Lydia McLain says The Cellar is her favorite book.

“The writing style makes it easy to follow, and it kept me on the edge of my seat!” stated McLain.

If you enjoy psychological fiction rather than horror, My Dark Vanessa is a good book to read.

This was the book junior Asher Judd found to be an interesting read. “It’s my favorite book because the main character is more realistic than other books. It’s really good but it should be read by more mature people,” said Judd.

My Dark Vanessa is a fictional story about a woman recounting a disturbing relationship she was in when she was a young schoolgirl. The story deals with intense topics, and it is advised you do your own research before you read it.

Everyone has different tastes in the books they enjoy, and these are a few suggestions for people who like these genres.