Behind the yearbook cover


To be a part of the yearbook staff here at KHS is not just a simple sign-up for the class.

In order to be a part of the Kearsley Echo staff you have to fill out an application and give it to Ms. Shelton, who is the boss of the class.

She will then analyze the application and if she thinks you would be a great fit for her staff, she will accept you, but if not, you’re off the list.

Before we get into what happens in the yearbook class, Junior Maxx Hanley spoke on what he thinks happens behind the door of the class.

“I think it is a simple class to be honest. If I had to guess what the class is about, it would just be writing and taking photos for the yearbook,” shared Hanley.

When people think of yearbook class, they might, and probably think it is just an easy class to take their senior year, similar to what Hanley said.

However, there is more to it than a lot of people think.

At the beginning of the year everyone had to try their best to sell ads to businesses, mainly local, to raise money to pay for our school yearbook.

This can be stressful because some businesses are harder to get a yes from than others.

After senior portraits are submitted, there is a group of staff members who have the responsibility to call senior parents to convince them to the best of their ability to buy a senior ad.

There are obviously a few deadlines you have to reach to have everything done so the pages can be sent to Walsworth, which is the company KHS uses for our yearbooks.

Staff members are usually in and out of the class because they are out interviewing people for their pages.

Being a part of the staff isn’t just an in-school thing. There are times where you have to either do last minute things on your page, which shouldn’t happen, or you have to go to the event your page is on to get some pictures.

When you are personally at the event, it is better in the end when you are writing a caption because you know the “C.”

There is a formula you have to go by when you are writing captions, which is ABCD formula.

The attention getter is simply just a phrase that ties along with the rest of the caption.

Basic information is just a sentence or two on what is happening in the photo. In other words, what you can see in words.

Complementary information is something you can’t see in the photo. This is where being at the event helps you.

Lastly is a direct quote from someone that is in the photo.

As the school year goes on, the completed pages are being sent into the company we use.

All this means is our yearbook is being made all throughout the year.

There is a lot going on all year long when you are one of the staff members, especially if you are an editor because you have a bit more on your plate at certain times of the year.

There are different branches of editors in this class, and you have to be chosen by Ms. Shelton, which is at the beginning of the year, to be a part of the editing staff.

When the pages are complete, the first editing staff it goes to are the team leaders.

The five team leaders chosen were Seniors Victoria Griffith and Katelyn Jacot, Junior Sophia Hall and Sohpomores Josey Janiga and Emily Jacot.

These team leaders are responsible for making sure everything is done how it is supposed to be and finished before it goes off to the name editors.

Hall talks about how she feels about being one of the leaders and how it helps her at the end of the day.

“I enjoy helping, it’s a good opportunity to work on leadership skills,” vocalized Hall.

The main editors are the next place the pages go.

All these editors do is name check every person on the page to make sure there are no misspellings.

The four name editors are senior Madison Pillen along with sophomores Ambrielle Coughlin, Molly O’Bryan and Gracie Root.

O’Bryan explains how it is to have the role of being a name editor, with it being her first year apart of the yearbook staff.

“Work can be stressful because you don’t want to mess up, it’s a privilege and I’m glad I was chosen to be one,” stated O’Bryan.

Lastly, there is only one Editor in Chief, which is senior Kennady Streeter. She is the last student who proofs everything to make sure the pages are perfect before they are sent to Ms. Shelton for a final proof before they are submitted to Walsworth.

Streeter speaks on being an Editor in Chief and how it makes her feel as a senior.

“The pages keep getting stocked up, stressful, and it’s never ending,” said Streeter.

The class isn’t strictly business though.

There are times throughout the year, mainly around the holidays, we will have parties where different people from the class will bring in drinks and sweets to enjoy.

Everyone should buy a yearbook because it’s always a fun experience to look through and you get to keep those special, fun memories forever.