What do students like to do on snow days?


Snow Days!

How would you describe a perfect day?

While obviously not thought of by everyone, a surprising snow day may come pretty close to perfect for some students.

While snow days are seen as fun, they are also very useful as they prevent danger on the roads and to the students and staff who may fall victim to the cold weather.

Students are normally thrilled when they hear the ringing of the phone the night before or the day after a snow storm.

So, how do the staff and students of KHS spend their snow days?

Senior Nicholas MacDonald spends his snow days doing a very thrilling activity.

“[I] snowboard, it’s very relaxing to me, it gives my mind a break from everything else going on.” said MacDonald.

Snowboarding and other thrill-seeking snowy activities such as skiing are great for active families and friend groups, will you try snowboarding on your next snow day?

Due to the weather on snow days, other students prefer to stay inside away from the cold.

Freshman Toby Laube likes to take it easy whenever the school calls a snow day.

“I like to sleep-in and play video games,” said Laube.

Junior Arianna Ash also likes to sleep in on snow days.

“[I] Sleep-in and read a book, and stay at home,” said Ash.

Like Laube, many students treat snow days as lazy days, but some students prefer to not fall behind and hit the books.

Sophomore Jaeda Ray explains her routine on snowy days.

“I like to study and read, or on the occasion I watch television while playing with my cats,” Ray continued, “I enjoy snow days but I think a lot students use it as a an excuse to procrastinate.”

Not everyone’s snow day is the same, so what do you like to do on a snow day?