Band Solo Ensemble


Group of students going to states as well as the band teacher Alison Phelps

With excitement and anticipation on every note, selected students from Kearsley High School’s band had a chance on Feb. 11th to perform in selected groups and two students even had an opportunity to perform solo.

Scored 1-5, 1 giving students a chance to go to states.

Students were overjoyed to have this opportunity.

Students Colton Fernandez and Evan Wilson both experienced the adrenaline rush that comes with performing solo.

Fernandez performed “Legato Allegro” on the Tuba, doing fairly well for only being a freshman and scoring a 3.

Wilson performed “Furioso and Valve” in D Minor, scoring a 3 as well.

Both students performed amazing under the pressure of going solo.

Fernandez and Wilson weren’t the only ones who performed under extra pressure, according to junior Liz Pichey.

“We performed ‘Mercury Rising’ by Nathan Daughtery! We didn’t go for ‘Comments’ due to some members having to drop out last minute, but our performance was saved by Taylor Thompson who jumped into the group and learned the part for us. In all the performance went really well,” Pichey exclaimed with excitement in each word.

Pichey’s group wasn’t the only group that performed really well.

There was another group that did exceptionally well while performing ‘Bolero’ composed by David Marlatt; the group was very surprised with the end result.

Senior Zaeda Swinger explained how they found out about their score.

“We were told our score by him simply saying: ‘Good job, see you at states,”’ Swinger stated, remembering the event.

Swinger’s group managed to score a 1, sending them to states.

They were more than thrilled to have the opportunity, and are looking forward to taking part in the event.

KHS students and staff wish those students good luck and support for their hard work and amazing talents, as they continue to states on March 18th.