KHS Boogies the Night Away at Snowcoming

Dancing the night away

IMAGE / Clipart Library

Dancing the night away

Kearsley High School had it’s Snowcoming dance on Saturday, February 11th. A large sum of people showed up to the dance with friends and danced the three hours away.

Students came to the dance dressed to impress in their formal attire.

The music was very loud and fun thanks to the DJ.

A lot of the students enjoyed the music as most of them stayed in the gym and danced for hours.

Sophomore Skyllar Miller was someone who was close to the speakers during the dance.

“I enjoyed the dance. The music was upbeat and really loud,” said Miller.

Junior Alaina Ryan gives an honest opinion about the dance. “It was really fun, really loud, and really smelly.”

It was also described as chaotic by some.

There was a sudden appearance of notable pop singer “Harry Styles” when senior Grace Hogan brought a cardboard cutout of him.

For others, this dance was a first for many freshmen.

Freshman Ace Wares also enjoyed the dance.

“It was really fun! It was the right amount of chaos,” said Wares.

Snowcoming was received positively by everyone.