Folktales: The fight for love


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Saint Valentine

Valentines Day is a day where people spread love throughout the world, it’s a day where loved ones come together to express how much they care for each other.

When asked what her favorite part about valentines day is, junior, Emma Fessler exclaimed:

“I love making and buying things for people, it makes me happy. I love to go all out.”

This day is celebrated on Feb. 14 every year, many people think it’s just a day to show how much they care for others, but most of them have never thought about how this day actually started.

There are many legends based around Valentines Day, one of them is the story about Saint Valentine.

There was an Emperor named Claudius ll. Claudius decided that single men made better soldiers then soldiers with wives and families.

Valentine didn’t agree with this idea, so he still performed weddings for young lovers.

When Claudius found out that Valentine was going against his wishes, he sent his men to go find Valentine and bring Valentine back to him.

After they found him and brought him to Claudius, Claudius had him beheaded. So the legend is that Valentines Day started from the fight Valentine had for love.

When asked if she would do the same thing for love, freshman, London Struck-Curtis stated,

“Yes I would because it is amazing to see other people feel so in love, especially at a young age,” Struck-Curtis exclaimed.

Another legend is also about Saint Valentine during the middle ages. During the middle ages a saint named Valentine was killed when helping Christians escape Roman prisons.

While helping Christians escape, he fell in love with a young girl who visited him during his confinement in prison.

He believed she was the jailer’s daughter.

He sent her a letter greeting himself after he fell in love with her at first sight. He signed this letter “from your valentine.”

This started a tradition, this tradition is people signing their love letters “from your valentine.”

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There is also a legend about where pilgrims go to celebrate Saint Valentine’s.

This legend is that once a year pilgrims would go visit the catacombs of San Valentino, which was where Saint Valentine’s bones were laid to rest.

All these legends lead to a day filled with love and joy that millions of people around the world celebrate.