Appreciate your friends


February 7th is “Send a Card to a Friend Day.” People in recent years don’t write to each other, but I decided to ask students at Kearsley who they would give a card to, and what they appreciate about the friend.

When I asked senior Brennen Bryan he told me he would send a card to Jamie Vanconaut. “I would write that I like how funny he is. He can turn a sad situation into a fun one!”

We appreciate people’s abilites, but experiences with other people should also be appreciated. They turn into memories, and bring us closer to each other.

Freshman Addison Ostram says he appreciates his friend Isabella Devine. “I like how she’s a good friend that is always there for me.”

There are also friends who have a natural ability to connect with us.

The friend Lillian Taber values is Elaina Drinkwine. “I like how she helps me, and doesn’t make things awkward to talk about.”

Friends should be appreciated everyday of the year. This day is a reminder to tell them how much you like their presence and how you are thankful for them to be in your life.