Band members start prepping for Solo Ensemble


Kearsley band students participate in solo ensemble

Solo Ensemble is an opportunity for students in music-based programs to play an ensemble piece for a judge.

Solo Ensemble is open to solos, duets, or a small group of students.

Many Kearsley students from Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble are participating in this year’s Solo Ensemble.

For example, a group of six seniors who all play woodwind instruments decided to get together and form a group for Solo Ensemble.

Ethan Karram will be playing the bass clarinet in this sextet.

Karram started out on the Bb clarinet but has recently taken to the bass clarinet.

“I am excited for the experience in general. I think it’ll be really fun and I like this instrument,” stated Karram.

Some other seniors are also pairing up with similar instruments to form a group for Solo Ensemble.

Trumpet player, Maxx Baker is one of them; they are playing a quartet with the rest of the seniors in their section.

“I’m excited to play with all my friends this senior year,” stated Baker.

Zaeda Swinger is part of the senior woodwind group but is also taking on a different challenge.

Swinger is very excited for this opportunity but feels stressed with her current situation.

“I’m participating in two different groups and it’s stresfull, I’m also playing 2 new instruments,” said Swinger.

Other students in Kearsley’s band will also be playing multiple instruments.

Freshman, Jack Kuberski will be playing 3 different instruments.

“I’m playing the Marimba, tam-tam and the bass drum,” said Kuberski.

While the students participating in Solo Ensemble are not thinking so deeply about it now, as the date approaches they will start cracking down on rehearsals.