Exam season is upon us


Students are preparing for exams!

As the end of the semester approaches, students are starting to prepare for midterm exams.

As the stress piles up this exam season, students attempt to reduce it by studying and making sure they are ready to go.

Seniors have been taking exams for the longest and are probably the most experienced at prepping for these tests.

Senior Nicholas MacDonald uses the resources given to him to study for the exam.

“I’m thoroughly going through the study guides that have been provided and making sure I fully understand each topic that will be on the exam,” says MacDonald.

Sophomore Jaeda Ray takes a similar path and is using study-tactics recommended by teachers.

“I’m making sure I’m being extra studious for the upcoming exams. I made note cards using questions from my study guide to study,” explains Ray.

Freshman Jack Kuberski is digging up his past to study for his exams.

“[I’m] studying, going over old notes from my classes,” states Kuberski.

Some students take a different path when preparing for exams.

Junior Steven Gray says he prepares for exams by making sure he’s not falling behind in his classes beforehand.

“I’m preparing for exams by getting high enough grades in my classes. If I do badly on the exams I can still pass my classes,” says Gray.

Exams start on January 18th with 1st and 2nd hour exams; the 19th will be 3rd and 4th hour exams, and the 20th is the last day hosting 5th and 6th hour exams.

Exams are near and it’s never too late to start studying. Good luck, Hornets!