D.C. trip provided by KHS


In the United States it is sometimes a tradition in schools to take a group of 8th-graders on a field trip to the district of Washington D.C.

They are taken on this trip to see the museums that hold important parts of history.

It is also like a final reward for them before going to high school.

This year at KHS, they are offering a trip to the sophomores and juniors who can afford the trip and would like to go.

The day the trip starts is Jun. 14th at 8:00 PM and they will return to the school Jun. 18th at 8:00 AM. During their time there, they will be staying in a three diamond or better hotel.

The tour of D.C includes going to see the National Archives, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, and the world’s largest museum complex: the Smithsonian Museum.

The schedule isn’t set in stone and it is subject to change based on the variables of that day.

There are some who haven’t gone to D.C before, like sophomore Zachary Allen.

“I want to go on the trip because I didn’t have the chance to before,” Allen explains.

People who have gone on the trip before agree that it can be very exciting. Last year many students in 8th grade got to go because there were no restrictions on traveling.

Freshman Layne Shimmons talks about the Smithsonian Museum.

“There were many paintings in the Smithosonian Museum. There were paintings of the presidents and paintings of African American culture,” Shimmons expresses. “There were also replicas of Civil War weapons,” Shimmons adds. “They had explanations about their importance to the war under them.”

There are also other art forms that honor different parts of the history of the U.S.

Freshman Logan Johnson talked about the Twilight Tattoo.

“The Twilight Tattoo is a play of the history of the United States through a military soldier. It explains the wars the U.S. took a part in,” Johnson vocalized.

In D.C. there are memorials that honor great leaders.

Freshman Landon Tuck tells me about what he saw.

“We saw the MLK Jr. memorial where there was a tall statue of him,” Tuck spoke.

It is also common for people on this trip to go visit The White House.

Freshman Michael Kirby recalls what he saw.

“There were guards at The White House. They were on the roof with sniper rifles,” Kirby exclaimed.

The trip Kearsley is offering will be an amazing experience for those who haven’t gone before, while also a rejuvenating one for those who have.