Don’t slip and slide on the winter roads


Be safe on the winter roads!

Being a new driver can be scary, especially when driving on icy winter roads; there are many things new drivers should and should not do when driving in these types of winter conditions.

Some hazards that new drivers should be looking out for are salt on the roads because that means there is ice you may or may not be able to see on the roads, poor visibility, low tire tread or pressure, battery failure, and dangerous weather temperatures. These can all lead to deadly accidents that nobody would want.

When asked what she does to stay safe on hazardous roads, senior, Victoria Griffith, stated; “I don’t go as fast and I leave extra stopping room. I also break a little sooner than I would normally,” stated Griffith.

Some things new drivers should not do while driving is using cruise control, accelerating or decelerating too fast, being on a phone or distracted. It’s important for new drivers to not do these things to protect themselves and others.

When asked by a reporter why she thinks it’s important for teenagers to be careful on winter roads, teacher, Mrs. Sierra, stated;

“Its a new environment, even successful experienced drivers can lose control on snowy or icy roads. It’s like learning it all over again because what you see is different and the conditions you are in are different. So it’s just wise to slow down, be alert, make sure you don’t have any other distractions, and then you’ll get used to it,” explained Mrs. Sierra.

Also, when asked the same question, staff member, Mrs. Curtis, told reporters; “They are not experienced with the weather elements and being behind the wheel in them,” exclaimed Mrs. Curtis.

Overall, it’s important to drive with caution on winter roads to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.