Pies in the face!


IMAGE / Brooklynn Burdette

Mrs. Ayre and Mr. Tankersley covered in whipped cream.

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, Kearsley High School staff members and students held a pie throw for Kearlsey’s Christmas charity.

The students could buy a pie for a dollar and throw it at their favorite teacher.

The money from the pie throw went to help families in the Kearsley community!

The Leadership class and the Student Council took the first 2-3 hours of the day setting up the pie throw for the students to enjoy.

Most of the resources used for this pie throw had been left over from previous years.

Freshman, Student Council member, London Struck-Curtis expressed how setting up the pie throw made her feel;

“I was surrounded by people that make me laugh, so it wasn’t boring at all. It was funny getting to make bigger pies and getting to throw them at my favorite teachers,” expressed Struck-Curtis.

A few of the staff members that got pied were: SeƱora Chimbo, Mr. Rivera, Mr.Simms, Mrs. Sierra, Ms.Hall, and many more.

The students of KHS had the time of their lives throwing pies at teachers.

When asked what her favorite part of the pie throw was, sophomore, Molly O’bryan, exclaimed:

“My favorite part was seeing the faces of the staff members when you were about to throw a pie at them because it made the pie throw very funny and encouraged me to buy more pies!” O’bryan said.

Another student at KHS freshman, Daniel Thomas, bought $10 worth of pies, which was a total of ten pies.

“I did buy quite a few pies, it started off with me wanting to get a Christmas charity shirt for my dad for Christmas, but turns out I missed the due date. So I said you know what screw it [and spent the money on the pies],” stated Thomas.

After all the classes got a chance to throw a pie at a teacher, the announcer said that if you buy a ticket the amount of pies you bought would double.

Freshman, Chase Parr was shocked when he realized he bought 20 pies; “I was surprised, it was not expected. That’s a lot of pies and I threw them at Mr.Tankersley, Mr. Simms, and Mrs. Sierra,” exclaimed Parr.

The clean-up may have been messy, but at least they still had fun!