Pushing into power lifting


Power lifting here at Kearsley is starting on November 17th.

The first meet will consist of meeting the team and talking to coaches.

A good amount of students participate in Power Lifting, including both men and women.

The classes are combined and they work out in the weight room at the high school.

Former athletes and competitors still come back to the sport ready to help the beginners get ready for competitions and help them get started on working out.

The meeting had quite a lot of students who were excited to start the season.

The Power Lifting coach had a very lengthy speech about how the season is going to go and some differences from the previous year.

The coach talked to the former athletes and explained to them how they are going to help the new athletes and that they need to take it easy on them.

He specified about the dates when they are going to have meets and competitions and what will happen at them.

He also emphasized that he wants everyone in Power Lifting to at least go to one meet.

He explained that it is a great experience to see everyone competing at power lifting and that it is something very special to experience and feel the emotions in the competitions.

Some students expressed why they do power lifting and how it feels to be back working out and training.

Senior Alexander Pierce talks about this year’s experience.

“I am excited to be here and it is kind of fun to see the new people in power lifting,” Pierce exclaimed.

Junior Zach Miller talks about what he likes doing with the start of the new Power Lifting season.

” I like to help all the new people and I think that there are quite a lot of new people here this year,” Miller vocalized.

The first practice is the 28th of November and everyone has high hopes for this year.