Cross Country runs into Regionals

Kearsley’s Cross Country team is getting ready to prepare for the most important meet of the year. Regionals is a very big deal for Cross Country runners because it is a way to show off their full athletic ability.

The Cross Country team has been on a very good streak this year, getting 3rd and 4th place frequently throughout meets; the runners have been working very hard.

Improving their personal times, they have been staying in a good mindset for the upcoming regional meet.

Cross Country just had a freshman/sophomore meet on Tuesday, October 25th.

Unfortunately, the Kearsley team did not get good placements because they did not have enough runners to count for the placements.

The meet was just a good practice for the upcoming regionals to make sure the runners were at full capacity for the big race.

Sophomore, Jack Lillywhite shares how he has prepared for the upcoming regionals.

“Physically I have ran over the summer and I have been training for this moment to show my hard work,” Lillywhite explains.

Jack also says what his goals are for the big race. “I am excited for states and I want to go to states so my goal is to run well and get under 17 minutes so I can qualify for states,” Lillywhite beamed.

Junior, Ava Boggs is on the girls Cross Country team and talks about her thoughts and mentality on the race.

“So I mentally just have to keep pushing forward and do the best I can, it’s not about who you are or what place you get or if you make states or not. It’s just about getting a better time and being happy with how you do at the race,” Boggs expresses.

Boggs also talks about her goal for the regionals: “I hope to make it to states, but if not I’ll be happy either way, and I’ll know that I did the best that I could within that situation at regionals.”

“I want to get a PR (personal record) at the regionals and a time that’s under 20 minutes,” Boggs said with a grin.

On October 29th the kearlsey cross country team ran at the 2022 regionals. The team ran as hard as they could hoping to get spots at states.

Sophomore, Jack Lillywhite is one of the cross country team’s best runner and was running to try and make it to states so he could prove himself. He ran a 17:22 5k (3.12 miles) at regionals. Sadly, he was just beat near the end and was passed by Powers Catholic runners and was not able to qualify for states.

Junior, Ava Boggs ran a 20:04 5k at regionals and was able to qualify for states. Boggs ran very hard and was happy that she was able to make it to states.  She also has a goal of getting under 20 at the state meet.

“Going to states is something that was one of my goals throughout the whole year, it’s really exciting and it’s an honor to go and truly from last year it’s one of the coolest experiences that there is. There’s so many cool people that go and compete. Again my goal is to get under 20 minutes since I wasn’t able to get that at regionals… and just have fun,” Boggs expressed.

Overall, everyone ran as hard as they could and most of the runners PR’d and were happy with how they ran. Coach Adas congratulated everyone and told them to make sure to work on running and practicing for next year to prove themselves even more.