Honoring the Veterans


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The day to commemorate all those who served for us.

On November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day.

On this day we honor all the contributions of living veterans and show appreciation toward them.

Veterans Day is not the same as Memorial Day; on Veterans Day we celebrate living veterans.

On Memorial Day we memorialize dead veterans.

Americans believe that veterans mean bravery, sacrifice, honor, commitment, and patriotism.

Students here at Kearsley decided to talk about what veterans mean to them.

Freshman, Kolin Doyle states that veterans protect us and our families.

“They help protect our country, so I really think of them as family. When I see people in military outfits I think of them as family,” Doyle said.

Senior Holly Vernon sees a lot of veterans at work and says what she thinks about veterans.

“I don’t have anybody close to me that’s a veteran, I just see a lot of them at work and I give them the discount so I think they’re cool,” Vernon said.

Freshman, Quinn Hendrix explains what veterans mean to him.

“They’re good people, they fought for the country a long time ago and they’re just cool,” Hendrix spoke.

People celebrate Veterans Day in many different ways. There are many possibilities on how you can celebrate the important day.

One way to celebrate is to have family gatherings with loved ones who are veterans. Sophomore, Noah Crews spends the holiday with his family.

“I celebrate Veterans Day by coming together and supporting our community and nation with my family,” Crews vocalized.

Veterans Day is a big part of America’s history, we honor all those who sacrificed their lives for us.

How are you going to celebrate Veterans Day?