Fall fun at orchards


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Berkshire farms

Fall is a time for friends and family, there are many things to do and places to visit in the fall to have some fun.

One of the fun things to do during fall is visiting orchards.

Orchards can provide a fun time for all ages during the fall season.

Apple and pumpkin picking are one of the top things to do at an orchard, families can go and pick out pumpkins they plan to carve for Halloween night, while friends can go and pick apples for a tart snack.

There are many other things at orchards that provide lots of entertainment, some orchards do hayrides for kids and families while others have corn mazes to run through and have a good time with friends.

Going to an orchard is a special thing, especially for families, they connect and have a lot of fun.

There are so many orchards around Michigan to visit that have the best ratings around.

Some of the best and closest orchards are Porters Orchard in Goodrich, Flushing Farms, Koan’s orchard, and JK’s Farmhouse on Beecher Rd.

These orchards are a couple out of the abundance of the other farms we have in our dear Michigan state.

Junior, Alex Lillywhite says what he does at orchards;

“I buy donuts and apple cider because who doesn’t like donuts.”

Lillywhite says, “I go to Spicers orchard with my family,” Lillywhite states.

Alex also says that he only enjoys the orchard when it is a nice day out and not wet and rainy.

The best way to enjoy a fall day is to go to an orchard with friends or family and spend time with all of them. It’s the best remedy for a boring day.