Kearsley varsity soccer falls short to the Brandon Blackhawks


IMAGE / Maraya Dell

The Kearsley Hornets are waiting for a corner kick.

This game determined which team kept going with their season and which had to come to an unfortunate end.

On a windy Wednesday evening, the Brandon Blackhawks hosted our very own Kearsley Hornets for varsity soccer districts.

With both teams wanting this win to continue their season, it ended up becoming a physical and one-sided game towards the Blackhawks. This put the Hornets at a disadvantage, but it didn’t stop them from thinking they could win.

In the first half, the possession kept going back and forth between both teams as they tried their hardest to break the tie of 0-0. The center referee blows the whistle to indicate the first half has ended. At the beginning of the second half, the Blackhawks start with the ball.

Once again the possession is back and forth and both teams are struggling to get one in the back of the net.

The Blackhawks midfielder crosses the ball into our own box and it goes over everyone.

Except the outside forward.

He’s there, he’s ready.

He heads the ball just out of reach for our keeper to get a hand on it.

It goes in!

The Hornets crowd goes quiet, moments later the crowd is trying to uplift the team, the game is still not over. The ball is being juggled around in the Blackhawks box trying to get an angle to shoot.

Tony Ramiro shoots, it gets past the defenders.

There’s a chance! This game could be turned around right here. The goal keeper doesn’t get to it in time!

It hits the back of the net.

The fans are all on their feet cheering.

The Blackhawks are feeling down, you can see it in them, even from a distance. It was anybody’s game at this time. Anyone could score a goal at any minute to take the lead and keep pushing to the end. Both teams in the second half had to keep their heads in the game.

One small mistake and it could lead to a possibility of a scoring chance. Everyone put their all into this game. Everyone was hoping for the outcome they have been thinking about since the day started. There are so many opportunities for each team to break this tie, our defense is fighting as hard as they can along with our offense.

The final whistle blows. The game is still at a tie.

All 22 players jog off their benches and get water.

The coaches are talking to each and every player on their team, all they want is to secure this win.

This is where it matters the most.

The last few minutes of the game.

Both teams step out onto that field knowing it’s still anyone’s game, anything can happen…

The Hornets start with the ball first and the whistle blows to indicate that overtime has started.

Every player on the field is giving it their absolute best to try and get the win.

The Blackhawks score. The Hornet players areĀ  starting to feel down. They can’t give up though, they are still in this game.

The final whistle blows!

The Hornets walk off the field knowing it’s the end of their season while the Blackhawks are all excited.

Junior, Jalen Gatica isn’t all that sad about losing because he knows next year will be a great season.

“When the game ended I still felt proud that we put up a great game against one of the top three teams in our division. This season was the best Kearsley had in a while, and next year will be better than ever. I believe in us,” exclaimed Gatica.

The Hornets have improved a lot just from last year and this team has great potential for the future.

The soccer program at Kearsley is becoming better every year!