Quiz Bowl meets at Swartz Creek


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

The Varsity Quiz Bowl team about to play Linden.

On Oct. 12th 2022, Kearsley High School’s very own Varsity Quiz Bowl team attended a meet at Swartz Creek.

Varsity team Captain Thomas Brewer led his team of 6 in 3 matches that night.

The Varsity Quiz Bowl team consists of memebers; senior team Captain Thomas Brewer, senior Jack Sidebotham, junior Arianna Ash, junior Drake Hollins, sophomore Levi Brownfield and freshman Reese Hinman.

The first school our Hornets went against that night was Linden.

Linden won the first match 250-200.

Even though Linden may have won, our Hornets fought hard and with class and moved on to the next match with hope and perseverance.

For Kearsley’s second match they went against Lapeer High School and dominated, 300-140.

With their current win, Kearsley went into their last match grateful and ready to take on a new school.

For their third and final match our Hornets went against Powers Catholic High School.

For that match Powers won 220-150.

Even with a couple of losses our Quiz Bowl team exited Swartz Creek High School with smiles on their faces.

Just by attending the event you could tell the team had fun and looked forward to their next meet.

After the meet, team captain Thomas Brewer reflected on what it means to be a leader to his team.

Brewer thought that as a leader, it’s important to persist through challenges.

“Persevering through challenges good and bad is important,” Brewer mentioned.

Brewer and his team also made note of the differences between this year and last year.

“More people are joining, we have more involvement,” Brewer noted.

Most of the Varsity team are actually brand new members, but Jack Sidebotham is a returning member.

Sidebotham explained why he decided to return to Quiz Bowl this year.

“I enjoy the competition,” Sidebotham explained.

One of the newer members, Drake Hollins shared why he chose to join Quiz Bowl this year.

“I’m trying to get into new things and meet new people,” Hollins smiled.

Quiz Bowl is a sport that challenges the brain and encourages its members to be social and to work well on a team.