Kearsley’s Homecoming Game 2022


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2022 Kearsley homecoming game

Everyone stares in awe as the runner crosses the line.

The Holly Bronchos get a touchdown!

Kearlsey’s homecoming game was a hopeful night, everyone was excited to see our varsity football team play and have a fun night.

Kearsley went against the Holly Bronchos, a tough team that had a good record of wins this year.

Everyone was having an enjoyable time at the game, despite the cold night.

By halftime, Kearsley was down 7 – 21, but students and families still roared with passion, giving all they could to encourage the team.

Sophomore Jeremiah Brown, number 9, expressed his feelings on the game and how they prepared for it.

“We watched a lot of film and they had little pods for practice, we also did lots of tackling drills and passing drills,” stated Brown.

He talked about how he felt going into the game and how he felt during the game.

“It’s not a good mentality to go out there and expect to win, but I feel we went out there and we did the best we could and we thought we had a chance,” explained Brown.

When glancing at the scoreboard and seeing that Kearlsey was down, Brown still had hope for the game.

“My mentality was that yes we were down, but we didn’t have to stay down, if we had more time then I feel we could have made a comeback and won the game honestly,” Brown expressed.

Sadly the time ran out and the Bronchos took the victory.

Kearsley made a very big comeback getting the score to 21-28 and they tried as hard as they could to win the game.

Even so, the Kearsley community and students gave respect and empathy to the football team for playing the game with their all.