What are the plans for students after homecoming?


Plans after the dance…

Homecoming is a big event for many schools, most students plan for what they will do during the dance, but what about after?

Students who are new to the school might not have any elaborate plans for after the dance.

Freshman Janiya Powell plans to stay at home.

“After the dance, I’ll go home and look at the pictures I took. While I do, I’ll talk with my friends on the phone,” Powell told me.

Other, older students might have special events to go to.

Senior Chase Leverette plans to go to an after-party to continue an already fantastic night.

“I’ll be going to an after-party when the dance is over,” Leverette smiled.

The court candidates also have fun plans for after homecoming.

Senior Kendall Welch is one of these candidates, she plans to go out with friends.

“I will go out to eat with my friends,” Welch beamed.

The homecoming will be set up earlier in the day by the student council they will then also clean up after the dance.

After the dance, the gym will be cleaned and swiped of its decorations by the same students in the student council.

Every day at school is filled with different experiences by the different people throughout the school, and all would say that the Homecoming is a special fun time for all.