The Future Problem Solvers



The Future Problem Solvers

A group that comes up with problems and solves them.

The Future Problem Solvers meet every other Friday to solve hypothetical problems, the group evolved from the middle school class KATS.

Future Problem Solvers scenario write about problems that could happen and try to solve them, they work together to solve these problems to try and achieve the new problems.

Freshman Brooklyn Hoskey, states that she wanted to continue KATS in her high school years.

“When I was in middle school, I was in the class KATS. I joined Future Problem Solvers so I could continue that activity without it being a class,” Hoskey exclaimed.

The group gets a booklet where they will identify problems and find a solution, then they will write a short essay on how this solution can affect the future.

Freshman Moss Jones, remarked that they joined the Future Problem Solvers for fun.

“The Future Problem Solvers gives me something more to do at school,” Jones expressed.

The group is filled with all grades from 9-12th. This gives people the opportunity to know people from other grades.

Junior Drake Hollins stated that he liked getting to know people from other grades.

“I enjoy working with other people because there’s people from all grades and people I don’t usually have classes with or talk to,” Hollins noted.

Members of the group have to be very creative because they are given problems that they know nothing about. They are given a group a 4 and within that group they have to work together.

Their work is sent to competitions where they can either win or lose, after those competitions their work can be sent to states.

Freshman Mary Jane Desgrange stated that she went to States once.

“I’ve been to States once and then they got cancelled the other two times, so States were awesome,” Desgrange sarcastically stated.

Most people didn’t get invited into the KATS program so this club is something most people don’t get to do. The group appreciates that they are able to have the opportunity.

The Future Problem Solvers will continue working on Fridays to advance their skills.