What are the future plans of the graduating class of 2022?


Seniors prepare for the end of the year

Throughout our lives we are asked many times what our passions are, and what we want to be when we grow up. It changes as we get older, what we like changes and we age closer to the point where we start planning our futures.

At the end of September, Kearsley High School seniors begin to work on their “Senior Projects,” which is an essay all about them and what they want to do in the future. As they do this, students begin to plan the future of their careers.

All of the senior students have a different path they want to take in life, there are many different fields that they want to go into.

Some students will go into the medical field to become nurses. Lindsay Geeck is one of these future nurses.

“My plan is to go to college, work in a hospital for two years to then become a travel nurse,” Geeck responded.

Other future plans for some people include machinery.

Nicholas MacDonald wants to be a mechanic.

“I have completed all my math credits, and I take robotics and mechanics at the first session GCI,” MacDonald answered.

When I asked what he had done to prepare for his future Macdonald responded;

“Straight out of that, I will be going for a job position as a fracturing engineer,” Macdonald said.

Another student who plans to become a mechanic is Lillian Taber.

“I am going to get my high school diploma and make a more detailed plan as I go,” Taber said.

The field of art is also something some students are going to go into. Elaina Drinkwine is one of these people.

“I will start my own fashion business,” Drinkwine smiled.

As to how she will prepare, she told me will take different art and marketing classes.

Graduation for seniors seems like this faraway idea, something that will never come, but everyday it draws more near. Their graduation ceremony will be here before they will know it, so planning ahead for the future is what is best for them!