From Juniors to Seniors

With the bittersweet goodbyes from the class of 2022 and the class of 2023 moving on up, I spoke with some of the juniors on how they are feeling about becoming seniors.

Junior Ava Seelman is looking forward to the start of senior year and what it has to bring.

“I’m pretty excited about becoming a senior because it puts me one step closer to achieving my goals and preparing for a good life as an adult.”

Junior Amelia Cockes is ecstatic to begin the final year of high school, and she’s already prepared for the years following high school graduation.

“I’m pretty excited to become a senior. I’m just excited to start such an important chapter in my life and graduate so I can go to college and accomplish my dreams. It’s very important for me to achieve my goals and I’m just getting closer and closer.

And finally, the last junior I spoke with, Alexis Root, said she feels somewhat scared of what this upcoming year will bring.

“It’s scary but also exciting I have always been ready for my senior year but thinking about only in a few weeks our junior year is over is so crazy and I’m gonna miss so many people.”

Who knows what senior year will bring for the juniors, but the sky’s the limit.