What weird food combinations do Kearsley students enjoy?

There are many crazy food combinations, some weirder than others.

Here at Kearsley High School, students like many different flavors combined from sweet to salty, sour to sweet.

Sophomore Heidi Urban says: ̈Fries dipped in a frosty are the best together. The flavors are just immaculate.”

On the sweet side, freshman Lula White says: ̈I like honey and strawberries. It sounds weird, but it’s really good.”

This is for sure the most bizarre one out of the bunch: “This may sound gross, but a fruit rollup wrapped around a pickle is really good. I have no clue why, but it is.” Stated sophomore, Celestina Acenscio.

Another odd one is pop and breadsticks. “This sounds really specific, but basically you use your pizza crust and dip it in pop. It sounds disgusting, but it’s lowkey good,” said junior, Mia William.

Sophomore Austin Potter said: “Peanut butter and pickles are my personal favorite.”

“I love love love toast with swiss cheese and green olives as well as pickles and tajin,” said senior, Sara Alsweirki.

A lot of students had the same weird food combinations. One of the most common being Takis or Hot Cheetos with cream cheese.

Another common food item students seem to really enjoy are pickles with random things.

With all of these new food combinations, you must step out of your comfort zone and try some.