Sanchez helps the community


IMAGE / Courtesy of Ivy Sanchez

Ivy Sanchez posing with her friends after the powder puff game.

When walking around Kearsley it’s hard to ignore senior Ivy Sanchez.

From being the president of the National Honor Society to being best friends with almost every teacher in the building, she gets around.

Sanchez is described as funny, strong willed, someone with a big heart, and a loud personality by some of her closest friends.

While Sanchez will be missed by Kearsley next year, she plans on furthering her education at Saginaw Valley State University.

She plans on majoring in mathematics, but she doesn’t yet know what career she wants to pursue.

Along with running the National Honor Society, Sanchez also does a lot of other services for the community.

“Over the summer, I volunteered at Love Inc. Of Greater Lapeer. I would be there three times a week every week up until school started. Now I only help out on the weekends as to not interfere with school. There I would help set up polish dinners every week, set up backpack drives, and pass out food boxes for the holidays,” said Sanchez. ” I also volunteered my time at the Lapeer Food Bank, where I helped sort and box all different types of food.”

It’s clear that Ivy Sanchez does a lot for the community she lives in.

“I’m constantly inspired and pushed by my friends and family to keep giving back,” said Sanchez. “Plus giving back to those in need makes me feel good. Seeing others in need and knowing that there are people in my community that have it worse than me makes me want to help in any way I can. No matter how small it may seem.”

As the President of the National Honor Society at Kearsley, Sanchez has a lot of responsibilities and jobs that she must complete both inside and outside of school.

“Running the National Honor Society is really rewarding,” said Sanchez. “It always feels good to give back to the community I grew up in and help those in need.”

She leans on her fellow officers a lot to help her do her job to her best ability.

One officer she looks towards for the most support is senior Mackenzie Simms.

To be the leader, you have to have confidence in yourself that you know what you’re doing.

“As a leader, Ivy is one of the best. From leading the meetings to setting up different volunteer opportunities, she does a lot.” Simms said.

You also have to surround yourself with people who trust that you’ll get the job done, and who will help you along the way.

“Throughout my time as Ivy’s vice president, I’ve helped her make important decisions within the group,” Simms said. “Along with also helping her come up with ideas and different activities for the National Honor Society to participate in.”

Along with being Sanchez’s vice president, Simms is also one of her best friends.

“Outside of school and her community service, Ivy is really laid back,” said Simms. “Her personality really shines through when she isn’t stressing about running a whole club. Together we enjoy shopping, getting Starbucks, and blasting music in her car.”

“Ivy does so much for the community, it’s been amazing to watch her grow and flourish in her role,” Simms said.