Quiz bowl sweeps Metro League tournament


IMAGE / Connor Earegood

Quiz bowl finished a perfect Metro League season by winning the Metro League Tournament Wednesday, March 4.

Quiz Bowl went 4-0 in the Metro League double-elimination championship tournament held at Linden High School.

Led by Coach Chris Schmidt, the Hornets took home first place with ease.

The team improved to 31-1 on the season.

In their first match against Corunna, the Hornets won 455-165, a nearly 300-point victory.

They scored 18 toss-up questions.

The worksheet round ended up 9-8 in favor of Kearsley in the category of “food origins.”

Overall, the team scored 10 bonuses in their first match.

Senior Connor Earegood dominated the match, answering 10 toss-up questions.

Junior Matt Ehrmantraut and senior Christopher Moyer supported Earegood with three toss-up questions apiece.

Senior Cameron Gohs aided with 2 toss-ups.

The Hornets then faced Owosso, barely scraping a 305-295 victory.

The Hornets started off poorly with a negative-20 point score for buzzing in early with incorrect answers.

They then correctly answered 13 toss-ups in the match.

The worksheet round on “health” ended in a 6-6 tie, adding 60 points to each team’s score.

Kearsley scored seven bonuses to win.

Earegood scored 10 toss-up questions.

Senior Grant Sterling, Ehrmantraut and Moyer each answered one toss-up question.

Next was Kearsley’s match against rival Flushing.

The Hornets won the match 495-320, scoring 17 toss-up questions.

In the “potpourri” worksheet category, there was a 9-9 tie between the two teams.

The Hornets scored 11 bonuses in all.

Kearsley’s final match came again against Flushing, who won the loser’s bracket.

The team won 375-330, clinched by Moyer with a critical science question.