Spirit Cup returns for snowcoming


IMAGE / Connor Earegood

Students and staff will compete for the Spirit Cup during spirit week.

Student Council will hold this year’s second Spirit Cup challenge throughout snowcoming. Teams will consist of each grade level while the staff will compete on a team together.

The team that accumulates the most points will take the trophy from the Senior Class, the victors of the Homecoming competition.

Senior Skyelar Herriman, Student Council communications officer, hopes students find an event they enjoy during the spirit week.

“We have different activities going on,” Herriman said. “We have a TikTok competition, volleyball game, and poster contest. We also have a can drive happening to start preparing for the ABC12 spirit morning.”

Teams can earn 100 points for winning assembly games or the penny war fundraiser.

The class with the highest percentage of ticket sales for the snowcoming dance will also net 100 points.

Staff members can earn 100 points for their team if 75 percent dress up for spirit days or participate in snowcoming activities.

Students can earn 25 points for carrying 50 percent spirit day participation.

Winning a lunchroom poster-making contest Tuesday, Feb. 18, will gain a team 100 points while generating the most canned good donations can also earn 100.

If a class wins the penny war fundraiser, they will earn 100 points as well.

Penny war, canned good drive, and poster runners-up will earn 75 points while the third-place finishers earn 50 points.

Students who enjoy social media can win 100 points by winning the TikTok challenge. The runner-up will earn 75 while the third-place team will earn 50.

Earning 100 points, the winner of the powder tuff game will earn 100 points. The runner-up will earn 75 points.

Herriman hopes students will enjoy the second installment of the Spirit Cup challenge.

“It’s a fun competition,” Herriman said, “and it can add excitement into the school day that normally isn’t there.”