Seniors lead Spirit Cup, juniors win banner contest


IMAGE / Connor Earegood

The Senior Class leads the Spirit Cup competition with 225 points. The freshmen lead the coin clash with $8.84.

The seniors pulled ahead in the Spirit Cup competition Wednesday, Oct. 9, while the Junior Class took first place in the homecoming banner competition.

Seniors lead Spirit Cup competition

The Senior Class took a 15-point lead in the Spirit Cup competition Thursday, Oct. 10. The seniors earned 100 of their 225 points by winning the powder puff championship.

Runner-up in the powder puff championship, the Junior Class’ 210-point total is good for second place.

The staff worked together to earn 150 points so far in the competition while the Freshman Class takes fourth place with 135 points.

With 125 points, the Sophomore Class occupies last place.

Points can still be earned by participating in spirit days and winning the coin clash contest.

The freshmen lead the coin clash with $8.84 in change while the staff generated $6.62. The sophomores total lies at $4.82.

The juniors and seniors are the only teams in the negative with -$6.43 and -$9.81, respectively.

The winning class will hoist the Spirit Cup as the most proud team at KHS.

Juniors win homecoming banner competition

The Junior Class won the homecoming banner competition Wednesday, Oct. 9.

The banners all followed a Pixar theme.

Each class created a colorful banner based on their theme movie.

Five staff members volunteered to judge the competition.

The juniors’ banner referenced the movie “Coco.”

The Sophomore Class came in second with its “Up” themed banner.

Taking third, the Freshman Class made a “Wall-E” themed banner.

The seniors lagged far behind in their last banner competition, coming in fourth place with a “Monsters, Inc.” banner.