Students treated to concert, learned about finances


IMAGE / Mackenzie Boillat

Sophomores and seniors wave their phone flashlights in the air to The Reminders’ music. The singing duo performed Friday, April 26.

Junior Madison Alpin enjoyed The Reminders’ music and style at the financial literacy concert Friday, April 26.

“I loved their energy and the music,” Alpin said. “I could tell they are such good people from meeting them.”

The Reminders — husband and wife duo Big Samir and Aja Black — performed at KHS.

Students were able to learn about financial literacy and watch a live concert.

Junior Raydoffa Braziel was called up on stage with The Reminders.

Junior Madison Alpin (center) stands for a photo with The Reminders on Friday, April 26.

“Their music was amazing. I feel like I was able to relate to their type of music due to us being African-American,” Braziel said. “I loved how hype they were in the show and how interactive they were with the crowd. Also, Aja can sing and rap amazingly.”

Braziel also learned about being financially responsible through the couple’s presentation. The singing duo gave students financial tips between songs, using a PowerPoint presentation as a visual aid.

“I learned how to be responsible with my money and how obstacles in the road cannot prohibit your future,” Braziel said. “Any roadblock is possible.”

Junior Hunter Parkhurst enjoyed The Reminders’ message, along with the couple’s lesson about finances.

“I thought their music was super fun. My favorite (part) was when they brought their son up on stage and sang with them,” Parkhurst said. “I definitely learned a lot about how to keep my finances stable and how to be wise with my money.”