The Reminders will help students learn about financial literacy


IMAGE / Elizabeth Taylor

The Reminders are coming to KHS on Friday, April 26, to perform a concert about financial literacy.

The Reminders are coming to KHS on Friday, April 26. The hip-hop husband and wife duo will perform and talk to students about financial literacy.

The Reminders are in partnership with Funding the Future.

Funding the Future is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to teach children financial literacy through live musical performances at schools across the United States.

The group will use its personal story and its performance to inspire students to see their future opportunities and a way to fund them.

Junior Madison Alpin enjoyed the last Funding the Future concert in 2017, and she is excited to hear The Reminders’ music.

“I really liked the music from the Gooding concert,” Alpin said. “I was also able to learn about my credit and other things that will help me with my future financially.”

Students will be split into groups to view the event, with freshmen and juniors during second and third hour, and sophomores and seniors during fifth and sixth hours in the auditorium.

General financial literacy, dangers of credit card debt, pitfalls of predatory lending and payday loans, creating a financial savings and investment game plan, and debunking the hype of overnight success are the main points of the show.