Family, dance guides Bellmer through school


IMAGE / Courtesy of Abbigale Bellmer

Senior Abbigale Bellmer sits in the leaves for a senior picture.

Abbigale Bellmer isn’t your average senior.

The 17-year-old senior aspires for greatness, along with positivity for all.

Bellmer has been dancing for 15 years, but joined K-Motion her junior year.

“I’ve just danced since I was 2,” Bellmer said. “My parents just put me in it.”

This year, Bellmer became co-captain of the team.

“I was picked by the coach and captain of the year before to become co-captain this year,” Bellmer said. “My favorite thing about dance was the experience and the people. We really became a family, and I love those girls.”

Bellmer is also a long-distance runner on the track team. It is her first year running track.

“I decided to do track this year because I like running, and I wanted to be a part of something for the rest of my senior year,” Bellmer said.

Bellmer has a large influence on her friends and family due to her spirit.

Senior Ariel Desjardins is close friends with Bellmer.

IMAGE / Courtesy of Abbigale Bellmer
Senior Abbigale Bellmer (right) poses with freshman Mackenzie Simms during the K-Motion banquet.

“Abby is very kind and accepting of everyone. She will talk to you about anything,” Desjardins said. “She’s very funny and isn’t scared to tell a joke.”

Bellmer’s biggest role model is her grandmother, Mrs. Susan Greer.

“I would say my biggest role model is my nana,” Bellmer said. “She’s just the most loving and caring person I know, and I aspire to be just like her.”

After her time at KHS, Bellmer plans to attend UM-Flint to become a clinical psychologist.

“I decided to become a clinical psychologist because I want to help people, especially women and children,” Bellmer said. “Let people know they’re not alone and that their struggles and feelings are valid and that it’s OK not to be OK. (I want to) break the stigma around therapy and getting the help they need.”