Harris’ selflessness coincides with his athleticism


IMAGE / Courtesy of Eddie Harris

Senior Eddie Harris throws the discus for the track and field team. He also competes in the shot put and some sprinting events.

Not only does senior Eddie Harris pay it forward, but he plays it forward as well.

Harris loves sports and people tremendously.

“Whenever I step onto the field or lifting platform, nothing can get into my way,” Harris said. “It is almost like I transcend into a different person. The passion I have for sports is eternal.”

Throughout high school, Harris has played football, partaken in powerlifting, and is finishing his high school career on the track and field team.

Although Harris always involved himself  in some form of physical activity growing up, he had no idea that he would take sports to the extent that he has.

IMAGE/ Courtesy of Eddie Harris
Senior Eddie Harris (No. 50) is seen playing offensive guard as the Hornets push down the field in a home game against Holly.

He puts 100 percent into everything he does.

Harris takes the knowledge he has gained from being an athlete and applies it to other pursuits in his life.

“Being an athlete has really helped shape me into who I am,” Harris said. “It helps me realize I need to put 100 percent of my effort into everything I do.”

Harris plans to become a therapist to help others.

He feels as if he can easily grasp how most people are thinking, allowing him to give assistance to those in need.

Harris believes he can find a way to help people solve their problems or, at least, help them find ways to cope with them.

IMAGE/ Courtesy of Eddie Harris
Sophomores Braylon Silvas (left to right) and Jace Chapman, senior Eddie Harris, and senior Dylan Buschur walk out as team captains during a football game at Brandon.

Senior Joseph Parker views Harris as a valuable and reliable friend.

“Eddie is the type of guy that will always be there for you,” Parker said. “He is someone that genuinely cares about others and is always trying to better his friends, along with himself.”

Harris always tries to give what he can when he sees someone in need.

“That’s what people should do,” Harris said, “give to those who aren’t as fortunate as yourself.”

One of Harris’ biggest inspirations is football player Marshawn Lynch.

IMAGE/ Courtesy of Eddie Harris
Jennifer Harris (left to right) and freshman Destinee Harris stand with senior Eddie Harris and his homecoming date, junior Skyelar Herriman, as well as her brother Evan Herriman before the dance in 2018.

Lynch’s aggressive play style and unwillingness to be taken down motivates Harris to better himself.

Harris is not an individual to give up, no matter what is thrown at him.

He believes that the only thing you can do is keep moving forward when things get rough.

It is easy to tell that Harris leaves a favorable impression on most people he encounters.

Many, including junior Skyelar Herriman, say he is a caring individual.

“Eddie is the most kind-hearted and hard-working person that I know,” Herriman said. “No matter what, you can always count on him.”