Responsible Pet Owners Month shines a light on proper animal care


IMAGE / Chloe Clarambeau

Theo is a happy, healthy puppy, thanks to his owner, senior Chloe Clarambeau.

Cats, dogs, and every other pet can make our hearts melt, but do people really know the responsibilities that are attached to owning a pet?

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and encourages pet parents, or people who are considering adopting a new animal, to educate themselves on the duties that must be performed when caring for a pet.

Senior Keegan Cummings, dog parent of Thor, said that a good pet owner should be caring.

“I think a good pet owner must be able to empathize with their pets,” Cummings said. “They have to be able to put themselves in their pet’s shoes and act accordingly. I believe that builds a necessary bond between pet and owner.”

Although different pets will have different needs, there are a few basic responsibilities that are required.

These responsibilities can include spaying or neutering their pets, taking their pets to the vet for checkups, giving them proper portions of food, always having a water supply for their pets, keeping up on their pets’ hygiene, and giving them the attention and love that they deserve.

IMAGE / Courtesy of Keegan Cummings
Thor is the beloved dog of senior Keegan Cummings.

Ms. Paula Hadden, animal activist, said to be a good pet owner you must be willing to provide adequate care.

“Part of being a responsible pet owner includes proper care,” Hadden said. “This means keeping up on vaccinations,  heartworm prevention, exercising, training, and being prepared to have your pet medically treated if ill.”

Hadden also recommended taking precautions in case your pet is lost.

“Microchipping is a minimal cost that can help a pet to be reunited if it becomes lost,” Hadden said. “Dog collars with identification tags will help reunite a lost dog.”

Dogs, cats, and all of the other cuddly creatures that people take into their homes bring happiness and companionship. With the right attitude and actions, you can be a responsible pet owner.

I think it’s important to give your pets as much attention as you possibly can because although they take up a small part of your life, you are their entire life.”

— Chloe Clarambeau, senior

If you aren’t willing to take on the tasks necessary to keep an animal healthy, happy, and safe, wait to adopt an animal of your own.

Instead, perhaps volunteer at your local animal shelters or visit a friend’s pet until you are ready to take on the immense job of being an animal parent.

Senior Chloe Clarambeau is the owner of two dogs, Theo and Kevin, and said it is important to give them the attention they deserve.

“I think it’s important to give your pets as much attention as you possibly can because, although they take up a small part of your life, you are their entire life,” Clarambeau said. “I love my dogs, so giving them attention is easy.”