Students are not enthusiastic about New Year’s Eve

IMAGE / Grant Sterling
Junior Donte Wallace doesn’t feel the need to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

The tradition of celebrating the passing of one year into the next has happened for thousands of years.

The Times Square Ball Drop in New York City has signaled celebration and good times since 1907.

Despite these large public festivities each year, many students don’t feel the need to celebrate.

Junior Donte Wallace plans to stay home this holiday.

“My family and I usually keep it small,” Wallace said. “We just hang out and watch the ball drop on TV. We don’t see it as a big deal.”

Wallace thinks that where he lives is a factor in this attitude.

“Most people in Michigan don’t have anything to do on New Year’s,” Wallace said. “Nothing big goes on around here like in New York City.”

Daniel Fitzgerald, junior, agrees.

“It’s about relaxation,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s the end of the year, and I just want to let the year go in a wave of calmness.”

Some students feel that the new year should be celebrated in different ways.

Cole Zemore, junior, said, “People just want to relax by themselves.”

Junior Jon Conway disagreed.

“They can go out and relax with their friends,” Conway said.

IMAGE / Grant Sterling
Fox McClure, senior, disapproves of New Year’s celebrations.

Some students theorize that Generation Z (ages 15 to 21) is too stressed to celebrate things like New Year’s Day.

Fox McClure, senior, thinks that his fellow students take things too seriously to worry about the day.

“This generation has a lot of problems,” McClure said. “There isn’t a drive to come together and observe little things like that.”

According to Time magazine, Generation Z is the most stressed generation today, citing loneliness, politics, and shootings as major factors in adding stress to their lives.

Maybe holidays like New Year’s will start to go out of style as Generation Z takes over.

Young people are leaving New Year’s Eve behind, and we’ll have to see how other holidays fare against modern cynicism.