Juniors should prepare for the SAT

With the SAT approaching, juniors need to buckle down and study even more rigorously.

Most seniors have experienced the SAT already, if not multiple times. It’s important to take this test seriously because it affects future schooling.

The SAT will take place Tuesday, April 10, and the Junior Class needs to be prepared.

This test determines which colleges will accept students and if eligible students will receive grants and/or scholarships.

Colleges will look at your SAT score and GPA together.”

— Mr. Chris Torok, math teacher

Mr. Chris Torok, math teacher, always reminds his classes of the importance of the SAT.

“Colleges will look at your SAT score and GPA together,” Torok said. “It’s important to take it seriously, and you can always retake it.”

It’s vital for juniors that they start studying and give this test the seriousness it deserves.

KHS offers several study sessions that have been happening on Wednesdays during after school hours from 2:20-4:30 p.m.

Teachers like Torok and Ms. Kari Shaw, English teacher, incorporate SAT prep into their subject’s curriculum. This helps students gain the information and study time they need to do well on the standardized test.

There are some helpful tips that juniors can use to make their SAT experience a little easier.

One of the most important tools that juniors need is the proper studying materials.

For those who did not attend the after-school sessions, online SAT prep is the way to go.

Khan Academy is a website that allows students to study for the SAT from their laptops, tablets, and phones. The website is a great form of studying for students with a busier schedule and can be beneficial for students who like to test themselves.

Junior Nadia Calvert is making time to study for the SAT.

“The teachers give us packets to study from and Khan Academy is super easy to use,” Calvert said.

Math and English are heavily tested on the SAT, and Khan Academy has many practice quizzes and worksheets for students to use.

On the day of the SAT, it’s important to remember that this test is not meant to be aced.

Feeling anxious or nervous can throw students off and can lead them to second guessing.

Stay calm and don’t get frustrated because it’s hard; it’s supposed to be challenging.

If you read a question twice and you still don’t understand it, move on.”

— Mr. Chris Torok, math teacher

Torok advises students to pace themselves on the test.

“If you read a question twice and you still don’t understand it, move on,” Torok said. “It’s important to use your time wisely since you aren’t allowed a lot of it.”

With the SAT testing happening in early April, it’s crucial to mange your time responsibly.

Even though spring break is approaching, juniors should still make sure to set aside time to study and review for the SAT.