Music impacts teenagers deeply

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IMAGE / Jenna Robinson
View of the neck of a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

That famous line is in the beginning of the play “Twelfth Night,” by William Shakespeare.

This quote is one of thousands defining the importance of music. Music of which is changing teens’ lives one melody at a time.

When teens listen to a soft ballad when relaxing or, perhaps, listen to a classical melody when they study after school or work, their emotions are felt because of the energy given off from music. Even a loud, raging beat can motivate teens to push themselves on an athletic stage.

Whether it be listening to music, studying music, singing, or playing an instrument, music is a large part of many teens’ lives.

Sophomore Mary Wheeler said music has brought good changes in her life as she pursues her talent of singing.

“Music means so much to me,” Wheeler said. “Sometimes life gets hard and just when I think it’s not going to get better, I’ll hear my favorite song and suddenly I don’t feel so bad.”

Wheeler said music brings people together and leads to new opportunities.

“I met many of my friends through music, because music has a weird way of getting people together,” Wheeler said. “I’m thankful that music is a part of my life because it has changed me for the better.”

Music teaches self-expression, focus, teamwork, discipline, and how to explore the spectrum of emotions.

With barriers halting people’s creative and intellectual paths, such as language, social status, or distance, music remains the one platform that can connect souls regardless of what is seemingly in the way.

A study called “Adolescents’ Expressed Meanings of Music in and out of School,” hosted by the National Association of Music Merchants foundation revealed the responses of more than a thousand essays from teens explaining the impact of music on their lives.

IMAGE / Andrew Flynn
Sebastian Young singing at the KHS “Mr. Kearsley” talent show.

Many of the essays included responses about how teens gained a sense of belonging, freedom, and many new skills through music as stated on

Music is more than hearing or playing a song. It is feeling the notes, being surrounded by the melody as you follow the contour of the song and being filled with countless emotions.

Music tells a story that you not only hear, but feel as well. Stories of war, heartbreak, love, pain, and sorrow.

Music is all around us, telling our stories, giving every person a voice.

Junior Sebastian Young said music is a huge part of his life, and being a musician has been beneficial.

“Music is really my entire life,” Young said. “I live and breathe every note I produce because I feel every sound.

“Music has gotten me through hard times and made good times even better. So music has definitely benefited me throughout my entire life, especially with my family because we are all so music oriented.”