Behind the scenes of the KHS robotics team


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

Robotics team starts their season!

The Kearsley High School Robotics team, the Hybrid Hornets, are off and have already started building in preparation for the new season.

Currently the new season is going great, but there have been a few setbacks preventing an easy start for some recurring members.

Senior Chianne Miles, a veteran member of the Hybrid Hornets, explains some of the setbacks they faced starting out this season.

“We had very few returning members and we didn’t even have a lead mentor,” Miles explained. “We are doing much better now, we have new members and a new mentor.”

Our school’s Robotics team is fleshed out with many different groups working to make the team as a whole look great.

One of these groups is the Build Team. The Build Team works closely with the robot, making sure it’s ready to compete in competitions.

Returning member and junior Steven Gray explains some of the things the robot can do.

“The robot can drive and spin in place, the Build Team and the Coding Team got it to move on its own,” said Gray.

Gray also wanted to share what he likes about being on the Build Team.

“I get to have an idea in my brain and put it on paper and then build it,” said Gray.

The Business Team is another group within the robotics team.

The Business Team usually doesn’t work directly with the robot, but does other things to benefit the team.

Band director and new mentor, Alison Phelps, monitors the Business Team in their work.

“We organize fundraisers and events that help us reach out to our community, organize and edit the business plan, and work on and submit awards,” said Phelps.

Hopefully we will see more from the KHS robotics team.