Come and meet the new college advisor!


IMAGE / Gabrielle Ray

Mr. Harris

Emmet Harris is Kearsley High School’s new college advisor.

Despite the title, Mr. Harris’ job is much more than college advising.

Harris explained that a lot of his job is meeting one-on-one with students and helping to guide them with after school decisions.

Before he got to where he is today, Mr. Harris was home schooled from 9th-12th grade.

After high school, Harris was an undergraduate at Central Michigan University and got his bachelor’s degree in Music Performance.

Afterwards, he went to Michigan State University for his masters in Music and a certificate in Career Development, which led him to his job today.

As a college and high school student, Mr. Harris participated in a lot of music-related activities; he also participated in soccer and boy scouts.

Now being in the Kearsley district, Mr. Harris feels positive about his short time here and believes Kearsley makes a welcoming community.

“I feel a sense of genuineness from students and staff,” said Harris.

Mr. Harris mentioned that he only had one complaint about Kearsley.

“The commute I have is about 15 minutes, I live over in Davison. It’s kind of far away,” said Harris.

Mr. Harris is really enjoying his stay here at KHS and hopes students don’t shy away from visiting him.

“If you have any questions about life after high school, come and talk to me,” said Harris.