Student Council is the backbone of KHS


Student Council is the backbone here at KHS.

Everyone on the student council has a role and they come together quite often to make something happen like dances or fundraisers.

New and upcoming information from the student council is that some people are going to a conference to show off our ideas or projects that we are working on to bring the community together.

This is an exciting thing that is happening, but it is not talked about enough; we all should be proud of the student council for going to this conference because it shows who we are as a school.

Junior, Alyvia Bombe, explains how she feels about Student Council going to states.

“I am very excited. We have a lot of cool things to show for this year such as the Community Closet and the Christmas charities. Also, it’s always fun getting to know what other schools are up too,” states Bombe.

The idea our Student Council is bringing to the table is all about the Christmas Charity the council did.

Around the Christmas season, the school sponsored a family in which people donated stuff for that family to give them what they wished for.

Another thing the council did was a pie throw.

There was an assembly dedicated to this pie throw in which students here at Kearsley High School could participate in.

Teachers had the option to sign up and be on the other side of the table to get a chance of a pie getting thrown at them by the students.

You had to pay for your pies before the assembly and you would eventually be called down to throw your pie at one of the participating teachers.

It was a fun experience for everyone and was for a good cause which in the end helped the community because the money went to things in need.

The community closet is something Kearsley High School has for students and families who are in need of simple things like shampoo, conditioner and even deodorant. It simply is a closet the high school faculty has access to for these students if they ask.

The student council does a lot for our community and shows off the ideas they have put together to make the community better.